Glide: Vive Experience

Glide is an HTC Vive flight simulation that gives you the chance to take control of a Hang Glider and fly over a procedurally generated landscape. Using the advanced Vive tracking system, you can fly around the infinite environment as if you were there, slowing down while climbing and gaining speed when swooping downwards. Ride freely through the valleys and mountains, or challenge yourself on the course and try to finish the game.

Production : Tool of North America 
Dustin Callif : Managing Partner Digital 
Julia Sourikoff : Head of VR/360 
Thiébault Delaporte-Richard : Creative Direction, Concepting, Lead VR, Lead 3D, Design, Live Action, Compositing 
Mitchell Stamper : Creative Direction, Concepting, Design, Project Management 
Owen Bell : Game Development 
Music: Overwerk - Daybreak 
Client: Internal Project
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